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Schaublin - High Precision Lathes



The SCHAUBLIN Machines SA Models 70 and 102 are recognized around the world as the ultimate in high precision instrument, R & D, prototyping and watchmakers lathes. Production of these machines continues today in Bevilard, Switzerland in the same facilities in use for over seventy years. Modernized features such as AC frequency speed control with braking and digital readout are combined with the tradition of legendary SCHAUBLIN quality to offer machines unmatched in performance of accuracy, reliability and longevity. The number of SCHAUBLIN lathes more than 50 years old that are still in use today around the world are a testament to Charles Schaublin and the company he founded in 1915.


Machines are offered in both bench and cast-iron base models with a wide variety of options and accessories including collets, chucks and arbors. We also offer parts for older machines as well as servicing and trade-in options for rebuilt headstocks and screw carriages.


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Schaublin 70-CF High Precision Lathes - DA Swiss Inc.

Schaublin 102N-VM-CF High Precision Lathes - DA Swiss Inc.

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